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Hayden Law Office KNOWS what needs to be done when you’ve been injured by someone where they are at fault!  During this time, everything you say is critical!  Even your own insurance company may not be on your side after an accident!  After all, they don’t want to lose money if they can prevent it! Never accept any quick or low-end cheap settlements.  Hayden Law Office knows the best way to get you the maximum compensation for what you deserve through the most aggressive legal action.

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 •  Amputations

 •  Brain injuries

 •  Burns

 •  Fractured or pulverized bones

 •  Paralysis

 •  Spinal cord injuries

 •  Auto accidents

Types of Injuries We Cover:

We understand the ripple effect that  

an injury can have on your life.

Be compensated for all of your losses, not just some of them!


•  Medical expenses

•  Lost wages

•  Home and lifestyle modifications

•  Personal pain and suffering

  And more

Skilled & Specialized Team

At Hayden Law Office, we know that every penny counts!  We will NOT stop until we obtain for you every “red” cent that you’re entitled.  Plus, staying abreast of the ever-changing laws and understanding your rights of entitlement of what you deserve, trust the legal team that has been delivering consistent results already to the residents in the Tri-State year after year for over 30 years to date!  

You Need Experienced Legal Professionals

Personal Injury Lawsuits Handled The Right Way The 1st Time!

Hayden Law Office Also Handles:  Wills, Estates, Probate & Social Security Disability Cases!

 •  Construction accidents

 •  Defective products

 •  Nursing home abuse

 •  Police brutality

 •  Premises liability

 •  Wrongful death